Broadlands VA

Broadlands VA

There are quite a few places you could live in Virginia, but Broadlands VA is an amazing place to be. It not only has a wide variety of activities for the family, but also an amazing location for easy access to Dulles Airport, the mountains, and the Dulles Greenway. The Broadlands VA community was well designed and has plenty of paths for bike riding, walking, running, and other activities. There are also several pools available for everyone to use during the summer months and several great golf courses nearby.

Broadlands VA Restaurants

Over the years the restaurants in Broadlands VA have grown and changed, but the constant is the overall quality and variety. There are some of the more typical restaurants, but also quite a few ethnic places. There are some amazing Indian, Thai, and Vietnamese restaurants here in Broadlands VA and most have been here for a while.

Broadlands VA Houses

Those that are looking for houses in Ashburn VA – it’s the same place – Broadlands VA is the new name given to this area. Now that the housing prices have settled down you can find truly amazing deals on stunning houses here. As of today you can find a 4 bedroom house on 1/3 acre for only $500k and many other bargains are to be had in this amazing community.

Whether you’re looking to move here or just visit Broadlands VA you’ll be sure to find what you want!