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This site is geared towards the Broadlands, VA (Ashburn, VA – the postal service changed it to Broadlands) community. It will feature houses for sale or rent, condominiums for sale or rent, restaurants, local merchants, entertainment, and more!

We own and run hundreds of websites, but this site was created because we live here and wanted to have a great central resource for anything Broadlands, VA based.

As we grow the site and have a more significant following we’ll post a rate card, but here are some statistics for the area:

Between 2009 and 2014, the population in this area is projected to increase about 35%. In comparison, Loudoun County population is expected to grow 23.5%. The population of Virginia is projected to increase 5.5%.

62% are 18-64 years old
35% are under 18
3% are 65+

Household Income
The median household income for this area is $139,253, compared to a state median of $60,690, as estimated for 2009.
44% earn more than $150,000 per household, which I think is low (statistically) for this area.