Broadlands HOA

By | September 13, 2011

Broadlands HOA

There are quite a few people that are involved in the Broadlands HOA and they have an amazing amount of work to accomplish each month. Most people have no idea what’s involved in running the Broadlands HOA….

Broadlands HOA Board of Directors
David Baroody – President & Resident Member
Brian Beahm – Vice President & Resident Member
Eric Bazerghi – Secretary & Treasurer, Resident Member
Cliff Keirce – Resident Member
Dawne Holz – Resident Member
Michael D. Simpson – Resident Member
Joseph T. Wagner – Resident Member
Roy Barnett – Member at Large
Denise Harrover – Member at Large, Van Metre

Broadlands HOA – other information

Broadlands HOA Office and Website
21907 Claiborne Parkway
Broadlands, VA. 20148
(703) 729-9704 Fax: (703) 729-9733
Open Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm

Armstrong Management Services
Assessment Information Office:
Direct Phone: (703) 679-1541
FAX: (703) 591-5785

Mail Payments to:
Armstrong Management Services
P.O. Box 7778
Philadelphia, PA 19101-7778

Southern Walk Board of Directors
Erika Cotti – President
Vacant – Vice President
Douglas Granzow – Treasurer
Shawn Williams – Secretary
Charles Salas – Resident Member
Jason Chautin – Resident Member
Jim Ward – Resident Member
Sangram Deshmukh – Resident Member

Broadlands HOA Management
Maureen Burns – General Manager,
Lisa Matthews – Audubon Naturalist
Natalie Ihanainen – Newsletter Editor
Robin Crews – Secretary to the modifications Subcommittee

You can read more about Broadlands VA on our main page…and also keep posted for new features and cool stuff coming soon to!